Men’s grooming has reached a pinnacle age. No longer is it just a time for casual styles, anything-goes trends. They say that you never get a second chance at a first impression, so now, mane man is here to make sure you always look your best.

The Mane man philosophy is to provide men with the elite choice in contemporary men’s grooming products. Together with our team of industry leaders, we possess a high-quality arsenal of products, catering to everything from your hair care to your body care and everything in between.

We guarantee satisfaction in our products. Our products allow any man to meet the complex grooming needs of our time.

Mane Man is not only dedicated to keeping up with the most contemporary of styles, but we are also dedicated to keeping up with the most environmentally and socially-conscious production methods. We locally-source our products. We hand select each and every ingredient found in our commodities, each one manufactured to ensure the highest grooming performance.

Our Mane Man products deliver a powerful hold not found anywhere else in the world of men’s grooming, securing anything from pompadour to slicked-back styles that will grip for the entirety of your illustrious nights out. With our grooming products, you will be able to draw attention and shine, yet subtly. Focused on providing for the NEW AGE man, we understand the necessity of modern grooming.

Founded in 2014, our Mane Man team have spent the last five years dedicated to in-depth research, working with first-rate barbers, stylists, and industry professionals from around the world. During this time, we not only learned exactly what men need, but exactly how to provide those needs using high-class, environmentally-sustainable ingredients. And while we may sound expensive, fret not. We are committed to the belief that any man, anywhere in the world, should have access to our top-of-the-line products at an affordable rate.

Specializing in Mattes, we, here at Mane Man, have devoted countless time and energy towards understanding the features of every product stocked on our shelves. You will not just be buying Matte Paste, or Matte Cream, or Gloss Paste, or whatever product fits your grooming needs. You will be buying a product that you know works for you and your personal style. That is the Mane Man guarantee.

Why? Because our committed staff tests and retests every product from start to finish, learning every property. We understand the strengths of our products, the finishes, and which of our products work best for each and every hairstyle, each and every hair thickness, and so much more. But we do not just centre our research on men’s hair care. We also provide the utmost quality products for all of your face and shaving needs, your skincare needs, all the oils and creams you could ever want or need. Among our list of Shaving Creams and Aftershave Cologne Sprays, our products elevate your face, making your skin POP. Your skin will never shine brighter, never look so clean-cut, perfectly shaved and ready to FLAUNT.

And in the 21st Century, it is no longer just about our products or the time and energy we put forth into every product decision passed on to you, the consumer. We get it.

Despite our excellence in fashioning the greatest in men’s grooming products, we care about you and your grooming needs. You can find our Mane Man team on every social media platform, ready and available to connect and answer any and all questions you have. Whether it be about our products or about your hair-care needs, we are there for you. Our superb team of grooming professionals can designate exactly what you need for daily grooming needs, taking into account your personal style, your hair and body type, and the parameters of exactly how you want to look. Looking your best is no longer just a singular effort, and we understand the world of grooming, style, and fashion, knowing that you demand to look your finest.

Now, using our Mane Man products, no man shall ever go throughout their day knowing they aren’t at the top of their game, aren’t looking exactly how they know they should. We will work with you to develop a grooming routine using our products that meets your each and every need.

 Deciding on grooming products has never been this easy, and if our years of grooming research and collaboration with industry professionals have taught our team anything, it’s that men know what men want. Mane man products will provide exactly what you want, down to the thickness of our gels to the Clipper Oil that best serves your razor.

Mane Man, welcome you to the future of grooming. Are you ready to look your best?